Who We Are

Passport and Visa Expediting

Tamar International Passport and Visa Services is an expediting agency developed to build a one to one relationship between traveler and passport/visa specialist. Due to the lack of personalized attention corporate and leisure travelers receive from the larger expediting warehouses, Tamar International was created. We work to help travelers get the expediting assistance they need with the most personalized help. We work fast so you don’t have to stress.

What do we do?

We provide fast, easy, and efficient service to help you obtain your passport safely and securely. Getting a passport in time for your trip is our #1 priority.

When and why to expedite?

If you choose to use the conventional processing method via the Post Office (not an expediting service) to obtain your new U.S. passport, the process can take up to 8 weeks. During busy travel season it may take up to 10 weeks.

Key Benefits of Using Tamar International Visa and Passport Agency

  • U.S. passport as fast as 6 hours with our emergency processing service.
  • Efficient and friendly customer support! We provide toll-free access to travel document specialists for all your questions.
  • Safe and secure! Strict privacy and confidentiality of all passport and travel visa applications.
  • Step-by-step instructions! Our instructions are clear and concise, making it easy to complete your passport application. Our specialists are available to help you.


“In dealing with Tamar International they were absolutely pleasant, timely, and fast! I was working with them thru my company, but I can definitely foresee that I will be working with them again for my own personal travel! Thank you for the lovely service!!” -Dee

“I highly recommend this company! Claude helped me renew my passport just in time for my vacation. They are extremely professional, patient, knowledgeable and very friendly. They truly have THE BEST service!” -Danielle

“Tamar and her team did what I thought was going to be impossible. I was missing documents, had a passport that expired 20 years ago, and they helped to get my passport done in time for my trip. I highly recommend them for your urgent passport needs.” -Petra

“Tamar International is the best decision I have made in a while. I needed to get a new passport within days and Tamar and her team were at my apartment within hours to pick up everything needed. I highly recommend them.” -Harrison